Shamanic Practitioner and Personal Freedom course

I find Shamanism fascinating, you step between worlds, work with guides, power animals, elementals and much more, to help you heal yourself, your clients, communities and mother earth.

The course is twofold, on one hand you learn to work with all your guides to heal others, and secondly you also go through a transformational process yourself as you become healed, and let go of old beliefs and patterns of behaviour. The course is interactive and experiential, the one thing I do guarantee is you will laugh!

The course is based on the Peruvian Shipibo Shamans way of working.

Every person who does the course receives a shamanic healing, a number of times, as people practice on each other. There is a maximum of five people

On the course we cover:-

The shamanic cosmos
Meeting your shamanic guide
Meeting your power animal
Journey to the lower, higher and middle worlds
Developing protection
Introduction to energy healing
How to undertake a shamanic assessment
How to develop a shamanic treatment plan
Past Life healing
Body part retrieval
Soul retrieval
Heal all past karma
Heal the reincarnation tunnel
Pre birth journey
Distance healing
Mastering transformation and awareness
The Cost for the course is £1000, which can be paid in instalments 


Introduction to Shamanism Workshops  

The introduction to Shamanism workshops are interactive, experiential workshops designed to enable you to gain insight into shamanic healing. To learn how to journey to meet your guides and power animals, to connect with energy, both your own energy, other peoples and plants.

The introduction days are good ways to identify if Shamanic Healing is for you or just to have a fun day exploring a different world!

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of travelling to the ‘invisible worlds’ beyond ordinary reality to receive information for changes in any area of your life – from spirituality and health to work and relationships’ (Silver Bear)

Cost: £80 per day


14th April 2018

If you have a minimum of 5 people I can put on the training just for your group


Bespoke training is also available – contact me for further details.



Simply being with Jill is refreshing and uplifting.  She has a deep wisdom and a beautiful energy. Learning from her has opened up new ways of being and connecting.  I was jaded and faded – now I can step into my own power and also begin to share this with others.  I can’t thank Jill enough for what she has taught me. Lynn 

Thank you, both, Stacey & Jill, for a wonderful day. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to broaden their experiences in mind, body and spirit with like-minded people, to sign up for your next workshop.                                               Claire Robinson

A truly awesome day, looking forward to further steps along the path, thank you all so much for being there smile emoticon xx                                                          Adam Marlow

I can say without a doubt, Stacy and Jill are great spiritual teachers of the highest order. Genuine healers and teachers, the best I’ve ever met, a truly fantastic workshop. x x                                                                                                                 Stuart McGhie

On meeting Jill I was immediately inspired, I realised life was deeper than the one dimension I had always been living in.  Shamanism opens up all levels and allows you to heal your mind, body and spirit and also those of others.  My life because of Jill and our shamanic practice has transformed and the universe is proving me with opportunists and confidence I never thought possible.  Jill is a true professional, therapist, leader, inspirer and friend. If you’re in doubt…go for it you will not look back !                                                                                                                    Claire