Relational Humanistic Psychotherapy

Jillian is trained and experienced Psychotherapist in several disciplines. Her Humanistic core training was for 5 Years in Gestalt Psychotherapy and  an MSc in Psychological Counselling. For information regarding her Cognitive Behavioral work click here, or read on to find out more about her Relational Approach.

About Relational Humanistic Psychotherapy

Humanistic and relational  psychotherapies incorporates an understanding of human experience, they use the therapeutic relationship as the basis to work from, focussing on how our real human experiences can impact on our mood and ways we relate. They work towards increasing a persons self awareness, to enable a person to make appropriate choices in their life.

Psychological problems are viewed as the result of inhibited ability to make authentic, meaningful, and self-directed choices. Huice.

Interventions are aimed at increasing client self-awareness and self-understanding.

The types of problems Relational Humanistic Psychotherapy may be helpful for are

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling lost
  • Struggle to understand yourself and other people
  • Relationship problems

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