Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Healing

As part of my deepening practice I have trained as a Shamanic healer in 2014.


What is a shaman / shamanic healing?

The word Shaman comes from Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark”. A shaman is said to have one foot in both worlds, where they to gain knowledge and the power to heal by entering into the spiritual world or dimension and use that knowledge and power in this dimension to heal.

Illness, whether physical or psychological, is perceived as relating to three areas:

  • As a loss of connection to spirit
  • Loss of soul / life force
  • Having energy in their energy system which doesn’t belong to them.


What to expect in a shamanic healing session.

A shamanic healing session involves a discussion regarding why you have come, your energy system will then be assessed, and this would involve you lying on the therapy bed. The assessment would inform the work which is required and may involve any of the areas identified below. The sessions would include journeying, either I would do the journeying or you would, or we would both be journeying at the same time.


To aid healing using ancient healing practice I am able to offer:

Soul Retrieval

Body Part or Organ Retrieval

Shamanic Divination and Journeying

Extraction Medicine and Psychic Surgery

Shamanic Core Processing / Soul Theft

Healing with an Etheric Double

Healing with a Drum

Pre-Birth Healing

Past Life Healing


 Cost: £50 per hour


Related training and workshops:

Introduction to Shamanism Workshops  

The introduction to Shamanism workshops are interactive, experiential workshops designed to enable you to gain insight into shamanic healing. To learn how to journey to meet your guides and power animals, to connect with energy, both your own energy, other peoples and plants.

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of travelling to the ‘invisible worlds’ beyond ordinary reality to receive information for changes in any area of your life – from spirituality and health to work and relationships’ (Silver Bear)

  • 17th May – Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
  • 28th June  – Derby

Cost: £100 per day


Shamanic Healing Training

Does Shamanism resonate with you? How would you like to train to be a Shamanic healer?

Jillian and Silver Bear have designed an experiential programme consisting of 10 modules; each module is taken over one weekend. You can choose to undertake one module or ten. To obtain your certificate as a Shamanic Healer you would need to undertake all 10 modules.

If you are interested in a module or training as a Shamanic healer contact Jillian for further information


Full Moon Ceremonies

Full moon ceremonies are tailored around the meaning of that month’s full moon.

  • 29th August – The Sturgeon Moon
  • 26th September – The Harvest Moon or Corn Moon
  • 27th October – The Hunter’s Moon

Cost: £5


Shamanism for Counsellors & Psychotherapists 

Jillian will spend the day showing how she creatively uses Shamanism within her therapeutic practice.

  • 4th October

Shamanic Workshop £100    Together with the Dream Workshop £150


Creative Dreaming Workshop 

Miriam Grace Granthier from Blue Skies will introduce dreaming on the Friday night before spending the Saturday looking at dreams through a Gestalt and psychosynthesis view.

Come with a journal, a yoga mat and a blanket and find insight through metaphor rather than thinking.

  • 2nd & 3rd October

Dream workshop £90       Together with the Shamanic Workshop £150



Working with Trauma from Spiritual, CBP and Humanistic approaches

Specialists in trauma within their own fields, Miriam and Jillian are coming together to look at how a spiritual approach to trauma works with CBP and Humanistic views of therapy.

Jillian and Miriam have worked on this integration for some years and have written a Post Graduate University Course in Trauma as well as teaching trauma in the UK and Europe. Miriam has specialised in working with sexual trauma, childhood trauma and vicarious trauma since 1988 and more recently has developed her practice and teaching in this area and the area of meaning and purpose. Jillian is highly skilled in treating trauma with CBT, EMDR, psychotherapy and soul retrieval from shamanic practice. They are particularly interested in helping survivors find meaning and life purpose within apparently meaningless events and death or near death.

Facilitators:    Miriam Grace Granthier & Jillian Schofield

October 23rd, 24th & 25th

£250 for the weekend