Angelic Reiki and Energy Therapy

Jillian is a trained Shamanic Healer, Angelic Reiki practitioner and Energy Healer, she incorporates these modalities into her work as a Soulistic Practioner.

What is Angelic Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese Healing system that works on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels to promote the body’s regenerative self healing ability.

Angelic Reiki is a complete and unique system of angelic healing, channeled by Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron in 2002.

It is a form of Reiki that works directly with the Angels through the high energy of the Angelic Realm.  The healing from Angelic Reiki is provided by the Angels as such it is a powerful approach that focuses power on the root cause of your problems.

A message from Kevin Core, founder of Angelic Reiki

“I am honoured to be the channel of this Angelic Reiki System of Healing, which was passed to me by Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003. The Angels themselves do all the attunements in this system through the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

During the healing of a patient, the healer is simply a channel, a bridge, whereby the energy of the Angelic Kingdom is passed to the patient.

Every healing is perfect in its conception and transmission. As this system is the Archangel Metatron’s, I have asked that Being to contribute to this introduction, what follows is the result.”

“The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the hand of the Divine. Part of this knowledge which we will give to you is that system which is now known as Angelic Reiki.”                                                      Archangel Metatron


How can Angelic Reiki help you?

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing that increases energy, reduces pain, produces deep relaxation and general feelingof well-being.

Angelic Reiki is very powerful and beautiful way of receiving healing energy.

Angelic Reiki helps to shift mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation, facilitating deep healing with rapid, positive results.

Reiki can accelerate the healing of physical problems, balance the emotions, and free us from restrictive or negative mental attitudes. It may also provide a closer connection with inner wisdom.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing works with the energy systems of your body to regain balance and facilitate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Energy Healing clears the blocks in our energy system which are caused by trauma, emotional stress, negative cognition, physical and environmental stress, all of which impact on our ability to function in life to fulfil our potential.

We all have energy surrounding our bodies; you can feel your own energy relatively easily.

Exercise to feel your energy

To feel your energy put your hands together as if you were going to clap, now move them slowly apart just an inch or so, then very slowly back towards each other, not touching. Can you feel a resistance, bounciness? That’s the energy surrounding your body. Try moving your hands further apart before moving them closer, does the energy feel the same, does it feel different?

Feeling the energy of other people

Have friend or family stand close to you; this can work with two people although three is better. Stand close together and notice how you feel. Then have one person step out of the group and stand at least 6 foot away; does the group feel different now? Does it feel lighter, heavier, less grounded? Ask the person to return, how does that feel? Then ask someone else step away, what do you notice now? Is it different than when the other person stepped away?

This can take practice, so try not to be disheartened if you did not feel it straightaway.

So Energy Healing connects with energy around your body, the energy may feel different in areas of your body. This may be a place where healing is needed or place where a person holds their emotional pain.

There are different ways of working with energy, one is to channel energy to heal or the other way is to integrate energy healing with psychotherapy. When I work as a Soulistic Practitioner, integrating psychotherapy and Energy Healing, I connect with the energy whilst the person talks about what is arising for them, this is a useful technique when working with someone who has an emotional energy block.

How can Energy Healing help you?

Energy  Healing can help you to heal yourself. I am a strong believer we can all heal ourselves, but sometimes we need someone to stream the energy or help us recognise our blocks.

Do you feel blocked? Any aches and pains?

The theory is there is no limit on the universal energy, so why do some people lose energy? Do you?

Do you feel weighed down by life, everything is just too much, you can’t do anymore? Is something blocking your ability to live life to your full potential?

Angelic Reiki or Energy Healing may be helpful to you. Contact me for more details.