Shamanic Healing


What is Shamanism?

Ellenberger in his book ‘The Discovery of the unconscious: The History and Evolution of Dynamic Psychiatry’ describes shamanism as the oldest profession in the world.

Shaman is  a Siberian word meaning ‘man with one foot in each world’; it is perceived that a shaman can move seamlessly through different worlds and levels of consciousness. Harner (1990) describes them as ’the keepers of a remarkable body of ancient techniques that they use to achieve and maintain well being and healing for themselves and members of their communities’. Shamans are found throughout the world, for example, South America, Siberia, Africa, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand and India, to name just a few. What is fascinating is that Shamanism is an ancient practice, in disperse areas of the world, and although they are different there are also many similarities. Which gives pause for thought regarding how they can have such similar understanding.

There are still pockets in the world were shamanism is the first and sometimes the only medical help available, for example remote areas of South America and Siberia.

Shamans’ believe we are all made of energy and everything in existence has a spirit and is alive. As such a shaman is a multi- dimensional healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to connect with the energy and access a hidden reality in the spirit world and the shamanic cosmos for the purposes of bringing back healing, power, and information. Therefore Shamans never work alone, but in conjunction with these and other spiritual allies who guide them in providing what is needed.

A Shamans or shamanic Practitioners believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental, have their root cause in an imbalance in their spirit. Therefore the aim is to resolve the imbalance. A shaman works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem. Many methods are used in shamanic healing, including soul retrieval, extraction medicine, psycho-pump and hands on healing are just some of the technics a Shamanic Practitioner will use on their clients.

Shamans have a number of tools, which they can use to enable them to travel and connect with spirit; examples of these are drums, rattles, dancing. Different shamanic approaches may use other tools as well.

Shamans offer healing to people, animals, communities and mother earth.

In my practice I incorporate ancient shamanic healing techniques, based on the Shipibo tribe of Peru, with my psychotherapeutic practice to offer a soulistic way of working. I see shamanic healing as complimenting and taking deeper my psychotherapeutic work.


How can it help you?

As human beings we are made of pure energy and as such we can lose energy or our energy can be impacted by other energies, this can cause emotional and physical problems. So as a shamanic practitioner I would assess your energy, to remove anything which shouldn’t be there and if you have lost energy through a trauma, big or small, I can go collect it back. Problems can also be caused by past life issues and as such I can help teach you how to heal your past lives.

At my core I am a teacher, so I will teach you and encourage you to journey to work with your guides to learn to heal yourself.

Using ancient healing practice I am able to offer:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Body Part or Organ Retrieval
  • Shamanic Divination and Journeying
  • Extraction Medicine and Psychic Surgery
  • Depossesion
  • Shamanic Core Processing / Soul Theft
  • Healing with an Etheric Double
  • Healing with a Drum
  • Pre-Birth Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Healing of the Future


House clearing

When a house gets old or if traumas have happened in houses their can be a residue of negative energy which builds up and cause problems, to their may be a spirit who hasn’t moved on, all these I can help with. I can clear the energies and aid the person to move on.