Jillian will be working with Miriam from Blue Skies in their LIFE AWAKENING workshops which give you the opportunity to work with the creators of the Human Trinity Principles and the unique life review as contained in their book. This inspirational life changing process is available to you in 2015 – see the calendar for LIFE AWAKENING Workshops in June, September and November.


Jillian is also teaching trauma and CBP in Lithuania and the UK this year – see the calendar for Workshops in March, May and October.


Jillian is teaming up with Stacy from Spiritual Awaken in Gainsborough for some Shamanic Workshops – see calendar for March, June and November. As well as Full Moon ceremonies in August, September, October and November.


She is bringing her mix of shamanism into psychotherapy in her unique CPD workshop for trained counsellors and therapists in October which is also linked to Miriam’s Creative Dreaming Workshop the day before.


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