Welcome to Soulistic Therapy

Soulistic Therapy, based in Derby, UK, offers a range of mind, body and spirit approaches to therapy, including counselling and psychotherapy.

What is Soulistic Therapy?

Soulistic Therapy is a holistic therapy which incorporates all aspects of a person’s core self. Through understanding our mind, body and energy processes, Soulistic Therapy aims to rediscover or reconnect with a person’s inner truth or essence, their soul, if you like. Soulistic Therapy includes the mind, in the way we understand and perceive ourselves, other people and the world.  It incorporates the body, and all the messages that the body gives us and Shamanic healing and what we understand through assessing your energy systems.

What does Soulistic Therapy do?

Soulistic Therapy utilises a number of therapeutic and spiritual approaches. It includes an integrative and eclectic psychotherapy, as well as incorporating body process and Shamanic healing, to ensure all your mind, body and spirit needs, and expressions, are able to be explored. Soulistic Therapy is curious about you, who you are, and who you can be. It utilises many tools to help you heal yourself.

Soulistic Therapists

An advantage of seeing a Soulistic Therapist is that the Soulistic Therapist has trained in all three aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit.